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About Motherland Treats

Hello, and welcome to Motherland Treats

What is Motherland Treats?

Motherland Treats is an online home delivery service specialising in Afro-Caribbean produce.

Company’s Mission?

Our aim is to allow homeland produce to be affordable and accessible for all. Motherland Treats is a company for the people and about the people.

Where did it all start?

Sparked off during the London Coronavirus Lockdown

A family run business, Motherland Treats story began in London 2020, by Remi & Courtney, a couple from South East London. It all sparked off during the London Coronavirus Lockdown. Remi was on her daily walks with their one-year old daughter when she met a lovely Caribbean lady, who expressed how much she missed being able to buy her homeland foods such as; Yam, Green Banana and Plantain as it was very difficult for her to get her usual shopping because she had no family living nearby to help. After gifting her an Afro-Caribbean food box, Motherland Treats was birthed.

Remi and Courtney identified with the struggle of finding homeland food in local supermarkets and realised with this gap in the market along with their passion for health and food, Motherland Treats could provide healthy, good, homeland and exotic foods locally to people’s homes, so they could enjoy a taste of their home away from home.

In June 2020, Remi and Courtney entered a competition to win a large investment or business partnership deal with Byron and Bianca Cole. Out of 157 applications there were three winners including Motherland Treats. Motherland Treats opted for the Business Partnership with B&B Cole. The couple are excited and keen to see the progression, growth and expansion with Motherland Treats

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